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Welcome to Woobie Bath.
We are glad you found us. We hope that our scents and products will meet and exceed your expectations.

We are back, in a limited capacity.
I personally wish to apologize for the long delay and having to turn so many of you away.
Scent blending is more than a hobby. It is my craft. I do not create anything in a negative attitude or space, and found myself having to soul search and recenter before I could do what I love to do to the best of my ability.
It is still slow going and I ask kindly for patience as I sort out the glitches and misplaced items
to make a full run of Woobie once again.
We will be offering lotions, soaps and everything else soon, but for now, it is best to start simply and work from there.

Click on "Updates" for Coupon codes, News, and update information!

Our Limited Edition scent blends are updated on a seasonal basis, while the Regular Scent blends will be available soon

Be sure to check back often as we add new items to our store!

We will be re-adding our bath and body products soon!

Our bath and body products are targeted at healing, rejuvenating, moisturizing and protecting your skin on a cellular level, while improving elasticity and skin health. All of our oils have been checked and researched with sensitivity in mind. None of the oils we use will react with medications or pregnancy, and have been found safe for most all types of severe skin conditions. We highly recommend skin tests of sample sizes for those with mild or severe personal allergies to certain natural products.

All of our products can be made without fragrance or dyes.
Please let us know if you want your items scent/dye free.

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